What we LOVE most is being WITH YOU,  
wherever you are

In your everyday life, at any time, when you want to add something extra to a good meal, share a special moment with loved ones, when you feel like cooking or when you don’t...If you want to take a break at work or want to reward your child with a fun, healthy treat...
Being part of your life is what makes us feel great.


A LIFE dedicated to CHEESE
It was in La Mancha in 1962 that Hersilio García Baquero first started to hand-make a few cheeses every day from the milk of his animals. These cheeses were so good and so tasty that...


We are a FAMILY business, 100% Spanish.
We are the PREFERRED brand of Manchego cheese in Spanish households and we also share our passion beyond our borders.


Carefully selected raw material.
The success of our cheeses begins with caring for the animals on our own farms. We have our own herds of sheep and goats, from selected breeds, which give our cheeses their unique personality, because we only select the best milk. .