A LIFE dedicated to CHEESE

It was in La Mancha in 1962 that Hersilio García Baquero first started to hand-make a few cheeses every day from the milk of his animals. These cheeses were so good and so tasty that...
...everyone soon came to know about García Baquero’s cheeses. And that was how Hersilio, who was immensely proud of his cheeses, decided to give his name to them.

Over 50 years’ experience

After a lot of hard work and effort, more and more people have come to like our cheese. In the mid-70s, in Alcázar de San Juan where we started out, we established our first manufacturing centre. This is where we still make many of the cheeses that reach your table, using the same artisan techniques and the same recipe that we have always used.

Evolving while respecting tradition and origins

In 2005 we opened a new centre in Toro (Zamora) because of the excellent quality of milk in this area, which is something that is very important to us since selecting the best fresh milk and collecting it daily is one of the keys to making great cheese. We have also learned how to make Galician cheese, under the guidance of the best in the field, in our centre in Lugo, Palas de Rei. Here, since 2013, we have been making cheeses such as Tetilla and Arzúa-Ulloawe with Master Cheesemakers who are experts in these types of cheese and their various characteristics.