KEEPING YOU IN MIND, our INNOVATION projects are centred on health and wellbeing, and we adapt ourselves to different lifestyles and new ways of living.  

García Baquero is committed to research and development, and we strive each day to develop new products to meet your needs and also to continue to improve our existing products. Your opinion is very important to us as it helps us to progress.

With your future in mind, our R&D+i department is constantly working so that you can continue to trust in us, choosing us as your preferred brand, even though your needs may have changed. We strive to continuously improve our products in terms of their texture, creaminess and flavour and to develop new products with new flavours and ingredients. We are also developing convenience products to facilitate consumption, such as, for example, García Baquero’s Ya Cortado (Already Cut) cheese.

As part of its commitment to health, García Baquero offers a whole range of products to cater for the needs of consumers interested in healthy food and lifestyle. These include our low-fat and low-salt products, which retain the same flavour and quality as our other products. We also offer lactose-free products, ideal for those who are lactose-intolerant but don’t want to forgo the authentic flavour of García Baquero.

Some examples: