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Carpaccio of persimon kaki and ham


  1. Prepare the vinaigrette mixing in a bowl stirring well all the ingredients in order for them to emulsify. You can make it with a small rod or pouring the ingredients into a crystal bowl, covering well and removing it until you achieve emulsion.
  2. The are included two vinaigrettes. Try the recipe with both, both are good. If you prefer a more sweet flavor, use the honey vinaigrette.
  3. Peel the kaki and cut in very thin slices (the ideal thing is do it with a mandolin, but if you don´t have it, you can just use a well sharped knife and cut as thin as possible).
  4. Put the kaki slices into a plate, spread the ham, slice the cured Manchego cheese and spread.
  5. Add a few rúcula leaves or if you want it with more, you can put at the bottom of the plate some more mezclum tender outbreaks and add the kaki carpaccio on top. Finally, grate some cheese and spread it on top of the carpaccio, adding vinaigrette to your choice.
20 min
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2 or 3 Persimon Kakis (D O Ribera del Xúquer) 
125 gr. Ibérico or Serrano Ham thin slices
1 bag rucula or mezclum of tender outbreaks
75 gr Cured Manchego Cheese 

Former mustard vinaigret

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