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Sirloin with ham and cheese sauce


This cheese sauce is very simple and it is therefore prepared together with the sirloin at the very end.

Only put the chosen cheese into the pan together with the cream, and cook gently while removing constantly until the mixture reaches the desired texture.

Cut thick sirloin medallions. In order to calculate the required thickness, take as a measure the thickness of the serrano ham slices.

Add some oil into the frying pan and proceed to add the sirloin medallions once the oil is very warm. Mark the sirloin, so that you can observe the meat changing color. This will only take a minute. Once all the piece has turned to the golden color, remove from the pan.

Wrap the sirloin with a slice of Serrano ham and seal it a toothpick. Smoothly, add oil to the pan again and once it is hot, add the sirloin and sear both sides in order to get both the ham and the meat cooked inside.

Do not cook for a long time as the meat gets hard and loses its characteristic juiciness.
Once the ham is gilded, remove from the pan and place it in a plate with the potatoes (or the garniture you prefer) and the cheese sauce. Add a few scales of rosemary salt to the sirloin.
30 min
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2 pork sirloin medallions / person
Gran Reserva Serrano Ham
100 ml cream
Iberian Cheese
2 potatoes
1 onion
Freshly ground pepper
Rosemary salt scales
Olive Oil

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